Amazon practically giving away Woot! devices on one-day sale

November 11 is Chinese Alibaba’s giant one day sale event called Single’s Day and at the present time it is outdoing all previous sales with phenomenal sales  returns.

Is Amazon joining in on this sales event as well? It wouldn’t be a surprise if founder, Jeff Bezos is taking advantage of this global event by promoting online sales of some of its electronic devices by Woot!.

The best thing about this sale is no standing in line for hours to wait for the store doors to open, no battling tooth and nail to get that electronic device you have been coveting for some time. Instead, Amazon has come up with this one day sale of some of its Woot! devices that will make you happy as you enjoy your Thanksgiving meal and even leftovers the day after.

Amazon, our favorite deals site, is having a one-day sales event today on devices to enhance your home and the holidays. The Singles Day or 11/11 shopping festival one-day event in China was originated to encourage singles to buy gifts for themselves and has mutated over the years to engage everyone from all demographics. 

Whether you buy for yourself or are getting a jumpstart on holiday shopping, Amazon has some great deals for you for just this one-day event if you are looking for electronic devices for your home. You can get some of the best items for a fraction of their original cost. If you are looking to enjoy unbelievable sound quality as you listen to music, watch Amazon content around your home,  or control a smart speaker with your voice, then this is the sale for you.

All of the devices being offered by Woof! are refurbished but are in great condition as reported by BGR. Some may have a slight cosmetic imperfection, but are in good to very good shape and you will only be able to get these excellent electronic products as long as the supplies last.

And for Amazon Prime customers, the deal gets sweeter if they purchase an Amazon Dot Echo, 3rd generation, Smart Speaker because they’ll get $5 additional off at checkout dropping the price to an amazing deal at $14.99.

Woof! is offering deals on some of its other products which include: Amazon Echo (1st Gen), used, $29.99;  the Amazon Echo Show (1st Gen), used, $49.99; the Amazon Alexa Voice Remote for Echo & Dot, used, $4.99; and the Amazon Echo Sub, use, $79.99.

If you didn’t get a chance to get in on these deals today, be on the lookout next year for this 11/11 special sales event and maybe Amazon will include more discounted items.