Apple’s privacy pages have a new look and are easier to read

This week according to The Verge, Apple renewed its privacy webpages at Apple, which explains what the company does to ensure and protect your privacy. The privacy pages are much easier to read allowing you to scan through several Apple apps so that you can see what they do to protect your personal data.

According to The Verge, Apple’s previous privacy pages were handled through the URL with a generic statement from Apple of how your personal information was protected, which was followed by a confusing order of info in a difficult to read two-column layout. The new refreshed privacy pages do still begin with a generic statement about privacy, but it is so much easier to understand on an app-by-app basis.

There are no indications that Apple has made any policy changes to the new privacy pages. Rather, Apple has done a great job of reorganizing all the information that it has shared in the past in one place. Verge, writer, Jay Peters, says that the new privacy pages now also have clear information on the policies regarding listening to Siri recordings as well as how you can delete them.

Peters says, Apple’s new privacy pages are similar to the ones for 

Google’s Nest, using a well-organized, visual format to break down information. But the styles of each are different, in that Google’s pages are more like a list of commitments and Apple has a more matter-of-fact tone to theirs. In comparison, privacy pages for Amazon’s Alexa and Echo devices have information on privacy features, settings and answers to common questions.

Although there may not be a whole lot of new info with Apple’s refreshed privacy pages, it is still a good and helpful way to look at all that the company is doing to protect user privacy. And because Apple wants to be the only tech company for everyone to trust, it makes sense that it is determined to present its privacy information in a well laid-out format and style.

Updating its privacy pages to read in a similar fashion to its product pages is a good idea. According to Forbes, Apple says that one of our fundamental human rights is that of privacy and that its also a core value of at Apple. It believes that because our devices are such an integral part of our lives, what we share and who we share them with should be our decision alone.