A new study says you can substantially lower your risk of early death by doing housework

Whaaaat? Really. According to a new study just doing light housekeeping such as cooking or washing dishes could potentially lower your risk of early death in a big way.

What the researchers from this study are actually saying is that if you move more rather than just sitting you can raise your chances of living longer.

The findings were published in the BMJ, formerly called the British Medical Journal by researchers from both the University of Leicester and the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, which led the study.

Researchers from the Norwegian School of Sport Sciences located in As near Oslo, Norway, reported that as levels of light-intensity activity increased, the death level decreased steeply. They said that every minute up to at least five hours daily of light to moderate-intensity physical activity increased the benefits for a person’s well being and living a longer life.

So, when the intensity of physical activity increased to say, brisk walking, vacuuming, or mowing the lawn for at least 24 minutes a day the steep decline in early death did too.

Their study also found that a significant higher risk of death was linked to people sitting for 9.5 hours or more everyday.

So ‘doing something’ is the key to a longer life and better personal well being.

This was also shown in a study by the researchers from the University of Leicester which is a public research university located in Leicester, England near Victoria Park. Their study looked at 36,383 adults aged 40 or over, who wore trackers from eight previous studies who were monitored over a period of 5.8 years. During this time 2,149 people died.

Wearing the trackers revealed that ‘doing something was better than doing nothing,’ and reinforced that saying according to Dr. Charlotte Edwardson, an associate professor at  University of Leicester. She says that physical activity of any intensity whether light or moderate lowers one’s risk of early death.

Even puttering around your home or work, being on your feet more will be beneficial says Edwardson, if you are someone who can’t meet the recommended levels of moderate-intensity physical activity.

Professor Thomas Yates, who is also from the University of Leicester in England, said that the past assumption that more is better as far as requirements of physical activity for health was changed according to this study, which shows that good health can be optimized by just 24 minutes per day of some form of moderate-intensity physical activity. Yates describes the results of the study as fantastic!

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